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Easily Manage Timecards in Your Project Management Software

All projects in Projecturf include a Timecard section for tracking expenses, budgets, hours, and fees. You can easily grant or restrict access to Timecards on any project. Project managers have full control on who can access the Timecards section. For example, if a client doesn’t need to record their time or expenses on a project, you can simply hide the Timecard section from them. This makes it very simple to set up projects as needed.


Timecards have built in permissions for project managers, staff members, and clients. Since everyone’s timecard data is typically confidential, staff members and clients can only view their own timecard entries whereas project managers see every persons Timecard entries. This allows project managers to easily monitor costs and allocate resources where needed. Project managers can also set and track budgets for each project. As a project manager, you can easily compare budgets to actuals using the budgeting charts available in the Timecard section as shown below.


You can also view timecard entries across all your projects from the Global Timecard section, export timecards to excel, and use the reports to track and view expenses by project and by user. Visit the timecard reporting blog post to learn more about the reporting options available in your project management app.

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