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Easily Print Reports, Calendars, and Tasks from Your Project Management App

When you need to quickly print things from your project management tool, you can use the print icon available in most sections. Projecturf includes a printer-friendly format for lists and reports and therefore simply clicking the print icon in a section will enable you to preview and print nicely formatted pages. This icon is located on the far right side of the gray filtering bar in most sections such as the Tasks, Tickets, and Calendar Sections.


Clicking the print icon will print the page exactly as it’s shown. Therefore you’ll want to sort and filter the page as needed first. For example, before printing a task list you can filter to incomplete tasks, choose a specific user, and sort based on due date. Then when you click the print icon, you will be printing the current view you just setup.

You can also print out a list of contacts with all their information, print the global calendar and global lists, and print any report by clicking the print option within the report. All printing options are nicely formatted, easy to use, and presentable.

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