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Quick Search Feature in Every Project

Each project has a built-in search feature to help you find anything you need quickly. The search is available in multiple project sections such as Tasks, Timecards, and Tickets. To use the search, simply click the hourglass on the grey filter bar and type what you are looking for. After hitting enter on your keyboard, it will filter to all items that include your search query. You can also use the advanced search by selecting the Entire Project option as shown below.


By using the advanced search, you can find data across your entire project in seconds. It shows results for your search query across all sections on the project. You can also filter to any specific section from the grey filter bar.


If you click on a search result, it will take you directly to that item. You can also apply an additional filter to only show the search results that apply to a specific user on the project.


The search option is also included on the global Projects Page to let you easily filter your project list. This feature provides a simple way to quickly find anything you need in your project management tool.