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Centralize Discussions in Your Project Management Tool

Every project includes a Discussions section for collaborating on documents, designs, and all other project related activity. You can simply include your comments when adding a document or design or choose any type of discussion directly from the Discussions section as shown here:


When adding a new discussion in your project management app, you can quickly select who you want to include and also send an email notification. The notifications allow each person to reply directly from their inbox. Therefore, all project discussions stay organized within each project. This makes it easy to keep track of all communication on your projects in one place.

The discussions section is also very easy to navigate. You can use the arrows on the right of each conversation to page up or down and sort all your discussions based on your preference.


Each topic is highlighted in your chosen system color and if you hover over the icon next to the topic, you can see everyone included on that particular discussion. To reply inline, just click on the reply button below each discussion. You can quickly find an older discussion thread in seconds by using the built in search tool. To learn more about all the options available in the Discussions section, visit the support center.

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