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Global Task Reporting in Your Project Management Software

The new Global Project Completion report allows you to view the status on all tasks and subtasks across your projects. This makes tracking progress for all tasks and users quick and simple. With this report, you can see who is responsible for each task and also view the status, due date, duration, and percent complete. There are also options to filter by person and by specific dates if you need to check someones progress.


You’ll find that the Global Project Completion report is a very useful tool to have in your project management app. This report lets you easily manage schedules and priorities, track everyones progress, and keep you up to date on your projects at all times. By using the Global Project Completion report, you will see the status of all projects and tasks in one place. However, you can also use the project level report which is explained in more detail here.

The Global Project Completion report was added as a direct result of your feedback. You can share your requests and vote on exiting ones using the Projecturf suggestion forum.

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