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New Feature: Task Estimates in Your Project Management Software

We just released an update that allows you to assign time estimates to each task and subtask in Projecturf. By adding time estimates to tasks, you can easily track actual spending against task budgets. Once actual time spent is entered on a task, simply click the timer icon to compare it to the budget and view the percent complete. You can also find out more such as the date of the entries, hourly rates, and the specific users that recorded their time by clicking the view button.


You can now check the progress that has been made on a task at any time by viewing the percent complete. If someone is over the allotted time, it will show as red to quickly notify you of the overrun. If someone hasn’t recorded their time yet, it will display the estimated time without any actuals against it.

Having both time tracking and estimating in your project management tool will improve productivity for your entire team. Each person will now know how much time they should be spending on a specific task. Using the new time estimates makes it simple to track your costs, stay within budget, and better allocate workloads when creating and altering project schedules.

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