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Add and Track Project Due Dates

Tracking project due dates is very simple to do in Projecturf. You can add or change a due date for your projects from the project settings page. Once you select a due date for a project, it will show up on both the project and global calendar so you won’t forget it. All project due dates include the project name in parenthesis and are displayed in grey on the calendar to stand out from your other events.


By adding due dates to each of your projects, you are also able to see when all your projects are due from the Global Projects page. You can easily sort your projects by due date by clicking on the due date column. All projects that are overdue are automatically displayed in red to notify the the project team as shown here:


Setting and tracking due dates is a critical part of managing projects and expectations. This helps you meet your client or company obligations and gets your schedules and deadlines centralized in your project management software. You will also see all project start dates on the calendar to keep the project teams informed and for tracking purposes.

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