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Easily Add a Status to Each Project

Adding a status to each one of your projects allows you to quickly see where all your projects stand and which ones need your attention. For example, if a project has been completed then simply select Completed from the list of statuses and you’ll know that one is off your plate. You can choose from one of the default statuses or add as many new ones you’d like. You can easily assign the status to each project from the project settings page. Just choose from one of the existing options:


Or, create a custom one:


After you’ve added a status to your projects, you’ll see it listed next to the project name on the Global Projects page. This is a great way to view what the status is across all your projects, with a quick glance.


You can also quickly sort by status by clicking the Status row heading to view projects based on status. The project status can be changed or updated anytime by going to the project settings page in your project management app. Assigning a project status is also a simple and effective way to keep the project team notified of changes or progress.

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