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Easily Group Your Projects in Projecturf

If you have a lot of ongoing projects in Projecturf at any given time, you can simply categorize them into groups. This makes it easy to filter and access projects under your specified categories. For instance, you can create a group name for one of your clients and add all projects for that client to that group. You can also group projects based on relevance to each other or group them for a specific person.

To get started, just create a project and go the project settings page. Under category, you can add the project to an existing group from the drop down menu or create a new one as shown here:


After you have created a new category, simply go back to the Projects page where you see the list of all your projects. From there, you can quickly filter to projects in your newly created group by clicking on the category arrow to the far right of the gray filter bar.


Grouping projects for a client, person, or category in your project management app is a simple and effective way to get organized. You can learn more about grouping projects by visiting the help center.

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