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Create Budgets in Your Project Management Software

It’s important to keep your costs under control on each of your projects. In order to understand the true financial impact of a project, you need to have good visibility into all spending as your projects evolve. Projecturf makes this very simple. It’s easy to keep track of spending on your projects by setting a project budget. After creating a project, simply go to the project settings page and add the budgeted costs and hours for the project.


After you’ve set the budget, you can use the charts at the bottom of the Timecard section to quickly see where your projects stand. The charts display the paid and unpaid hours and costs to the overall project budget as well as the total hours and costs in comparison to the budget. As project requirements change, you can easily update the project budgets you are tracking to from the project settings page.

In the Timecard section, your users can enter both fixed and hourly expenses which are then compared to the overall project budget. You can learn more about adding fixed expenses here. This is a simple way to keep track of all your project spending at a high level and further drill down into the expense details if needed.

Also, new in Projecturf, you can set budgets for each task and track those budgets using the Task Budgeting report. The task budgeting is a way to manage individual tasks for those that need the task level budgeting capabilities in their project management software.

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