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Create Projects in a Snap

Creating and setting up your projects in Projecturf only takes seconds. You can start by setting default role and permissions, which will be used for all new projects. These can be further modified in the project settings if needed, but it’s a great option for projects that will have a similar setup. To set the default permissions, go to the system settings in the account section and click on the Template tab. From here, simply set the permissions for project managers, staff members, and clients for all sections. Then choose your default role when adding new project members.


After setting the default permissions and roles, all your newly created projects will include these default settings. Then you can quickly add the project team from your address book. If you manage a lot of different projects in your project management app, this will help speed up getting started on new projects and you won’t need to remember what permissions you want on your projects.

You can also use an existing project as a template for new projects, which includes tasks, tickets, and events, and contacts. Learn more about this option here.