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Easily Track Progress with Notes & Comments

Using notes in Projecturf is simple and invaluable. Notes are available in all projects for each task, ticket, event, and timecard entry. You can use the notes to provide an update on a ticket, communicate with other users on a task, or to set an agenda for a meeting. To add a note on a task, ticket, or timecard entry, just click the gray notes icon on the right side next to the timer icon and the notes form will drop down inline as shown here:


After you’ve added your comments and clicked save, the notes icon will turn yellow to indicate you have a note associated with that item. To add a note to an event, simply click on the event and begin typing in the notes field.

You can use timecard notes to add important details about an expense or hours billed. On tasks and tickets, you can collaborate with the project team by just inserting your comments into the note. This is a simple way to provide a status update, communicate changes, or just add more information about the task or ticket. Using notes is a great way to keep all communication inline and in your project management tool.

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