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Easily Manage Tickets with Custom Categories

You can use the Tickets section in each project to track issues and bugs. To easily manage lots of tickets, simply create categories when entering a new ticket. When adding a ticket to an existing category, just use the drop-down menu to quickly select it. When creating a new category, click the new button to the right of the category drop-down and type in your new category below it.


To quickly filter to different types of Tickets, click on category on the far right of the filtering bar and check the categories you wish to view. This can be done for each project and across all projects. This way you can see what open tickets are remaining for the various types of tickets.


By setting custom categories on your tickets, you can easily organize and manage all your tickets in your project management app. This is especially helpful when you have multiple people using tickets for all different purposes. You can set categories for anything you need, such as support requests, defects, or online help. To learn more about using tickets in Projecturf, visit the help center.

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