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Document & Design Approvals

In each one of your projects, you can upload and share documents and designs. Anyone given permissions on the file is able to digitally approve it. As an example, if you’ve completed several design comps for a client, simply upload them to Projecturf and give access to the client. Once they approve your designs, you’ll get an email confirming it’s been approved and you’ll maintain a history of the version that was approved, who approved it, and when it was approved. This helps cut back on emails and let’s you centralize all the communication.

Each project also includes an Approvals report that let’s you quickly view all approvals for a project. The report also shows how long they take to get approved and basic stats.


This Approvals report makes it easy to use your project management software to keep track of all approvals on your designs and documents. Approving files is as simple as clicking the approval icon and then clicking OK to confirm. To learn more about approving designs, visit this blog post.

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