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Break Up Your Tasks with Subtasks

Once you’ve created a project, you can start assigning tasks to the project team. Since your tasks sometimes involve multiple people and components, every task can be broken down into a list of subtasks. To break up your tasks into subtasks, simply click add subtask from the action to panel to the far right of the task description.


For example, you may have a task to design a website page and add content or to create a new marketing campaign. Tasks like these may involve multiple people and may also need to be broken out into various subtasks. Assigning tasks and subtasks in your project management app is easy and there is no limit to how many tasks and subtasks you can create. Both tasks and subtasks allow you to set permissions, mark them as private, add notes, and track your time. It’s also very simple to shift timelines using the drag and drop Gantt charts or the drag and drop calendar. After you’ve assigned the tasks and subtasks, there are several ways to track them in Projecturf as described here.

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