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Update Projects On the Fly

You can quickly see what’s happening on all of your projects from the global view. For example, if you need to see time entries across all projects, just navigate to the global Timecard section where you’ll see all the time entries, what project they are associated with, any notes associated with them, who submitted each one, etc. You also have the capability to sort on any column as in the screenshot below of the Timecard section headers and also filter by person to find what you need quickly.


Most importantly, you can easily make changes from the global sections in your project management app if needed. This includes marking items complete, adding time entries, editing entries such as tasks or tickets, moving calendar events with drag and drop, and much more. SInce there are lots of moving parts in each project, this helps speed things along and let’s you stay focused on the important things. Click here to learn more about what’s available in your project management tool.

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