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Jumping Between Projects Made Simple

Since most of you are on a number of different projects at any given time, you are frequently accessing many of them throughout the day. Instead of going back to the Global Projects page each time you want to access another project, the most recent projects you’ve opened will automatically pin to the top of the screen for you to access with one simple click. The six most recent projects will stay pinned to the top of the screen as shown below and you can close them anytime. You can also simply rearrange your project tabs in the order that works best for you by using drag and drop.


When clicking a tab to change the project, the new project will open to the same section you are currently in. This allows you to switch between projects without unnecessary clicks of going back to the section you are using. Another benefit of the project tabs is that you can click the settings icon on the current tab to quickly navigate to the project settings page. From there you can add new project team members, change the status of your project, add a budget, and much more. By pinning project tabs you can quickly access what you need in your project management software.

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