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Easily Assign Tasks to Multiple People

To assign a task in one of your projects, simply click on the plus button on the top right of the navigation bar. You can easily assign tasks to multiple people by just clicking the check box next to their name. When you have several people working on a project together, assigning tasks to multiple people is a great way to get your team collaborating and working together. You can also break the project team up into groups and assign tasks to everyone at once by just clicking on the group name. Creating groups is as as simple as dragging and dropping users into the group name as shown here:

This same functionality is available throughout your project management application. Therefore, you can easily assign or grant access to multiple people when creating tickets, events, whiteboards and so on. Also, when you assign a task to multiple people, it will list the number of people assigned in the responsibility column as displayed here:


By clicking on the number of people, you will see each person that was assigned to the tasks. Once you’ve assigned the tasks in Projecturf, there are several ways for you to track them.

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