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Easily View Task Assignees

Items in Projecturf are assigned to one or multiple people. When you assign an item such as a task to multiple users, it will show the number of people it was assigned to in the task list. To see all the assignees, simple click on that number and the row will expand for you to see everyone involved on the task. An example is shown here:


This works the same in other sections of your projects as well, such as Tickets. With just one click, are you able to view all assignees for any item. You can also use reports in your project management tool to quickly view who’s responsible for the different tasks. The project completion report lists out all responsible parties, which can also be filtered and sorted to your needs.

Assigning and viewing items with multiple users is simple in Projecturf. Visit the support center here to learn more about setting up your projects to quickly assign items to multiple people.

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