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Using Discussions in Your Project Management Tool

In every project you can add new discussions quickly and select who you want to include on the discussion. You can also attach a discussion to an existing document or design and collaborate on them using the reply via email option or directly from within your project management app. When in the app, quickly see who is included on a discussion by hovering over the people icon next to the subject name on the tab as shown here:


This makes it easy to see who’s involved in a conversation when you’re replying and revisiting a previous discussion. You can also easily add and remove people from the discussion at any time. This is an important option as projects evolve and more users get looped in. Your discussions are simple to use in Projecturf and you can easily view full threads by clicking show more on any past conversations.

All your discussions are centralized in the Discussions section for convenience and to help improve your efficiency. To learn more about Discussions in Projecturf, visit the support center.

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