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Projecturf 4 Launches!

Projecturf 4 is now live! It’s been quite a journey over the last year and half. Our goal was to redo the entire app from the ground up, including the codebase, and we’re thrilled that it is now live.

Nearly everything in Projecturf 4 has been made easier, from getting data into the app and collaborating with others to viewing your daily schedule and uploading files. Some of the sections were combined to simplify your projects and tons of new functionality has been added; such as in-app notifications, subfolders, Dropbox and Google Drive syncing, multiple workspaces, attachments on tasks and tickets, and an inline Gantt chart – to name a few. The interface has been redesigned and includes a new nav bar to simplify your workflow. We also have a sidebar that stores tons of details about individual items (like notes, attachments, comments, and more).


A big addition to Projecturf is the ‘My Stuff’ area on the top left side of the nav. This is where you can keep track of everything on your plate, quickly check items off your list, and also add all your personal items such as tasks and events.

Our infrastructure has been revamped as well to support our growing user base and the Projecturf 4 applications. Speed is very important to us and we’ve made sure everything in the app is fast.


So what can you expect from us going forward now that Projecturf 4 is out? For one, we’ll be making more frequent updates to the app. We also have a mobile version which we’ll be rolling out very shortly. The API is almost ready too. For updates, you can follow us on Twitter.

Note to current users: Starting in August, existing user accounts will be transitioned over to Projecturf 4. Users will be notified prior to their accounts being moved.