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Instant Project Search, Design Updates, and More

We just published several enhancements to Projecturf 4 to make managing your projects easier. Here’s a list of the new updates:

Search projects

For users who have tons of projects, finding them quickly is important. So, instead of scrolling to find a project in the projects bar, we’ve just added the ability to find a project instantly by filtering as you type. To find a project, click on PROJECTS to the right of the magnifying glass in the nav bar. Once you’ve clicked on PROJECTS, just start typing the project name. The results will immediately get filtered in your project list below.



We’ve updated the visual design of the calendar to make it more legible. We’ve added dots to events and color-coded the dots based on your chosen project colors. For all-day events that are highlighted, the colors have been lightened quite a bit so you can easily view and read the text. These improvements make the calendar much easier to read, especially when you have lots of events on the calendars.


Design enhancements

We’ve made some slight visual changes to the interface by flattening the design. We have removed some gradients and shadows for a cleaner, more streamlined look that improves usability and increases speed.


We have added French to our list of languages that are supported in the app.

Updates page

As we previously mentioned when we launched Projecturf 4, you can expect frequent updates to Projecturf and we have a lot planned over the next couple months. You can follow our progress on twitter and learn about recent updates on our new Updates page.

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