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Calendar Syncing, Naming Files, and More

There are several new features that you will now notice in your project management app. These enhancements have been added into Projecturf based on your feedback. Here is a list of the updates you now have access to:

Calendar Syncing

Syncing your Projecturf calendars is simple. Each calendar has it’s own feed, which allows you to use this feature as you wish. There’s a separate feed for the My Calendar section for just your events, a feed for All Projects, and a feed for each separate project. You can add the calendar feeds to any other calendar apps you use such as Google or Outlook. Each feed is based on individual user permissions. For step-by-step instructions on how to add your calendar feeds to other projects, go to the support center topic on calendar syncing.


File Names

You can now change the names of files and links in the Files section. When adding files or links into Projecturf, they are listed with the original file name or the URL. If you have instances where you will need to update the file name or give the URL a name, this can be done in the sidebar by simply clicking on the row to highlight it. To learn more about renaming files, click here.


Comment notifications

Comment notifications are sent via email for tasks, tickets, and files. Anyone can reply directly from email notifications for both new comments or newly added tasks, files, or tickets; and the replies will be added to the comment history for that task. When adding comments in the app, just check to send email notifications and then your users have the option to respond from their inbox. For more info on email notifications, click here.


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