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New Task Feeds, Task Sorting, and File Sorting

We’ve been making frequent updates and improvements to the application to help make managing your projects, tasks, and people much easier. You can follow our progress on the updates page to see recent enhancement to Projecturf.

You now have several ways to view and access your Projecturf data quickly, which is outlined here:

Task Feeds

To give you more flexibility with your tasks, you can use the new task feeds to sync with other calendar apps. For example, you can view all your tasks from Projecturf in Google Calendar or iCal. Depending on your needs, you can sync all project tasks, tasks from a single project, or just your tasks. To add tasks to your favorite calendar app, simply navigate to the Tasks section or to My Tasks and click on the feed icon on the top right of the page. Then follow these simple steps to sync your tasks. This is a great way to track all of your tasks in other calendars you use.


Task & File Sorting

Managing long task lists can be a very time consuming activity. To reduce the amount of time you spend searching for specific tasks and making changes them, we’ve added several sort options to your app. You can sort by start dates, due dates, latest activity, and more. As an example, if you want to view tasks that have had recent updates, simply click the sort option in the grey bar at the top of the tasks section and select latest activity. You will now see all tasks that have had any recent activity on them; such as date changes, comments, or attachments. The sorting is also available in the different views to allow you to view data based on your preference. For example, you can sort the Gantt chart by start dates if you want to view your schedules based on when the tasks begin.


You also have file sorting now to see all your project files in the order preference you want to view them in. When in the Files section of a project, click on sort in the grey bar at the top and select from one of the following options:


If you set the sorting in the files section to modified, you will always see the most recent files first. These sorting options allow each of your users to utilize Projecturf based on their needs.

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