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To simplify using Projecturf, you now have shortcuts available when adding new items. This helps speed things up for all your users. The shortcuts are available in most sections to make getting data into your project management app quick and efficient. For example, when adding a new task, you can now assign users to a task by typing @name for each person you are assigning the task to; instead of clicking on the add responsibility panel and selecting each of the users. Then simply click enter and the task will be assigned to those users.


Another very common shortcut is the new date option. Instead of selecting the due date from the calendar selector, just type the day at the end of your task description. You can say today, tomorrow, or Monday for example and the due date will automatically get applied. You can also add multiple shortcuts to the same task. Give it a try – the shortcuts are simple enough that you don’t need to be a power user to apply them to your workflow. To see the full list of shortcuts available, click here.

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