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Track Your Time in Projecturf

The new Projecturf timer allows you to track and record time on any of your projects. To start the timer, go to the Time, Tasks, or Tickets section and click the timer icon at the top of the page. You simply click the play button on the timer within a project and it will continue to run until you stop it as shown here:


When you are ready to record the time, you can add your time as a new entry or add it to a task or ticket. Simply click on the time at the top of the screen and the add new panel will appear. Select the type of entry and fill out the details. Once you click Add Time, the new entry will be added into the project. Every entry is recorded in the Time section, even if it’s associated with a task or ticket. To add the time to an existing task or ticket, simply click the timer from the Tasks or Tickets section of the project and select the task / ticket you want to add it to from the drop down menu.


Once you add time to tasks or tickets, the number of entries will appear on the Time tab in the sidebar when clicking on the task / ticket. This is to indicate that their are entries associated with the item as shown below. When clicking on the time tab, you will see everyone that has recorded time on the item as described in detail here.


You can have multiple timers running at the same time on different projects. And if you click to start the timer and navigate away from the current section, the timer will continue running. In fact, it will continue until you hit pause or 24 hours have passed. Logging out of your account will not stop the timer. This gives you full control on how you want to use the timer to manage your workload.

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