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Save Time with Project Templates

Setting up multiple projects that are similar just got a lot easier. You may have several projects that have some of the same components, such as having the same contacts, permissions, files, or tasks. Instead of recreating all these items for a new projects each time, you can now use the project templates to instantly duplicate them. To get started, click on the plus button to add a new project and select the option to add a new template as shown here:


Once you’ve added the new template, you can begin setting it up exactly as you want. This may include setting user permissions, adding files and tasks, and much more. Then when you go to add a new project, simply choose the template you want to duplicate, set a start date for the new project, and that’s it. When you select a start date for the new project, everything will be based on that date. If you have tasks and events in the template with previous dates, they will all be readjusted to future dates based on the new start date. To see what’s included in your project templates and a detailed explanation on how they function, visit the support center here.

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