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When we launched Projecturf 4, we made the decision to go with Gravatar for the personal avatar photos since it’s a popular service and a lot of other companies used it as well. After receiving a lot of push back from our users with the Gravatar service, and also seeing some of the pitfalls ourselves, we decided to change directions. The Gravatar service has now been removed from everyone’s account. Instead of using Gravatar, you can now upload your own photo and crop it if needed to create your personal avatars. Projecturf hosts all the avatars and you can change your photo anytime you like. To add or update your avatar, go to the account section and click on personal options. Then click the image on the right to browse for your photo or drag and drop it into there:


Once you have uploaded your photo, you can move it around in the box to crop it and also zoom in or out using the sliding tool underneath your avatar. This enhancement was a direct result of feedback from you. You can make your suggestions and also view the development roadmap at anytime here.

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