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Organizing Projects Made Easy

When you start using Projecturf, one of the first things you’ll want to do is add new projects. When adding a new project you can either create a folder to store the project in or just add it quickly. If new projects aren’t added to a folder, they will automatically get added to your unassigned folder. Then you can begin creating folders and simply drag and drop the projects into them as shown below. Each one of your users has the ability to set up their own folder structure based on how they like to work.

To always have your most active projects at your fingertips, you are given a favorites folder at the top of the list. For easy accessibility, you can keep the top five to ten projects which you are using everyday in the favorites folder. Then simply create folders for the rest of your projects based on some type of commonality, such as department (i.e. marketing), client, etc. Having your projects grouped this way keeps your account very organized and easy to use. Creating folders and moving projects out of the unassigned folder is a great step towards better productivity and improving your workflow. Also, projects are automatically sorted alphabetically so you can find them easily.

Project folders are one of the many enhancements you’ll find help you stay organized. To learn more about using folders, visit the support center here.