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Move Tasks, Tickets, and Time Entries Between Projects

New in Projecturf 4, you can move items between your projects. Historically, if you added items to a project you had to delete them and then go to your other project and add them there. Now you can simply move them between projects as needed. This comes in handy when organization between your projects constantly changes. You can move tasks, tickets, and time entries between projects. To move a tasks for example, click on the project name in the info panel. After clicking on the project name, you will see the drop down list of all your projects as shown here:


Now select the project you want to move the tasks to. If the task has associated subtasks, those will automatically be moved over the new project as well. Tickets, tasks, and time entries can be moved to another project using this same method. Everything will stay with the item, such as attachments, permissions, notes, responsibility, and history. This will make it easier for you to make changes and move items around in your project management app.

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