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New Daily Summary Email

A great way to see activity across all your projects is by visiting the All Projects – Overview section. And to quickly see what’s on your schedule for the day, you can visit the My Dashboard section. These two concepts have now been taken a step further with the new Daily Summary Email, which merges them together. The Daily Summary Email is available to every user on your account and will only include items based on their permissions. Each day before you start work, it will be sent to your inbox. The first thing you will see is all items from My Dashboard so you know what’s on your schedule for today, what’s upcoming, and what’s late. An example is shown here:


Next, you will see a summary list of all projects that were updated yesterday. If you are an admin on the account, you will see all the projects even if you are not associated with it. Here is an example:


This is followed by each individual project with updates that were made to the project. Note that the budgets and costs as seen in the screenshot below are only sent to the admins and project managers for those projects.


The new Daily Summary Email is an excellent way to always stay up-to-date and gain full visibility into your projects. It’s ready now and you will receive it first thing tomorrow morning and each day going forward.

If you are system admin, you have the option to disable the Daily Summary Email for everyone on the account by going to Account – Workspace Options. If enabled, each user also has the option to disable the email. To disable / enable the summary, go to Account – Personal Options and simply check the box under notifications for the Daily Summary Email as shown below:


We hope you enjoy the new Daily Summary Email!

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