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Personal Tasks, Events, Notes, and More

Projecturf isn’t just a place to manage all your projects. In fact, thousands of people use Projecturf everyday to also track their personal tasks, contacts, notes, and calendars. Each user gets their own personal stuff that no one else will see. This allows you keep both your professional and personal lives under one roof. The goal is to let you use one app for everything versus having to enter and track items across multiple systems. Adding personal items is just as easy as adding projects. For example, if you want to add a personal task, click on My Tasks from the left navigation as shown here:


Once you are in the My Tasks section, you will see all tasks that are assigned to you across your projects as well as all of your personal tasks. This is where you can add your tasks that are only yours. To start adding tasks, simply type your task in the new task field and hit enter. You can add as many tasks as you’d like very quickly. Once you’ve added the tasks, you can add subtasks to it, update the start and end dates, add notes, and even view them from the Calendar and Gantt chart views.


This isn’t only for tasks. You can create your own notes, manage your schedule with personal events using the My Calendar section, and add all of your personal contacts to the My Contacts section. Best of all, this is also all available on the go using the Projecturf mobile version, which can be accessed from any device and from anywhere.

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