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Improve Your Workflow with Email Attachments

You can communicate with your staff and clients in several different ways using Projecturf. One of these is by sending email notifications when you add a new item or conversation to a project. Anyone that receives the email notification can reply via email with their comments. To take that a step further and make your communication quicker, you can now add file attachments to your email replies. This will provide more seamless integration with your email and keep all of your files and communication together with each project you are working on.

When adding attachments, you can add up to ten files to each email and up to 100MB of data. If you are working on updating files from your computer and want to add it as a new version to an existing file on a project, this can be done via email. Simply reply to a comment or notification about that file and it will automatically become the latest version. Getting stuff into Projecturf is as simple as that.

If you are collaborating on a task or ticket through comments and need to include files, attach them to an email and they’ll show up in the attachments for that task / ticket. This is a nice time saver for everyone on your team! To learn more about email attachments, visit the support center here.

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