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Managing Your Daily Schedule

Projecturf makes it very simple for everyone on your team to see their current and upcoming schedule. Instead of navigating to several different sections of the app to see what they are responsible for, each user has their own personal dashboard with their updated schedule. This helps ensure nothing in your project management application gets lost or buried, forgotten about, or becomes overdue. In fact, your team will see all their tasks, events, and tickets that are due today. They will also see all late items and upcoming items over the next week. It’s a simple tool that provides a nice snapshot of the work week and keeps everyone on track. The Dashboard includes items across all projects the user is assigned to so that everything is accounted for on their daily schedule.

Whenever anything is added to a project, anyone included on that item will see it in their My Dashboard section. For example, if you add a new task that’s due today and assign it to Nathan, he will see that show up immediately on his dashboard. Once he finishes the task, he can simply check it off to mark it complete from the dashboard. Here is an example of the My Dashboard section for one of our team members:


In addition, any items added to the personal sections (such as personal tasks) show up here as well. With the added benefit of including personal items, you and your team only need to rely on one application for all your project and personal items. To learn more about what’s available in the My Dashboard section for each of your users, visit the help center here.