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Simple Gantt Charts for Your Project Management Tool

When using Projecturf, you have several different options on how you want to view your data. When you are in a section such as tasks, you can toggle between the different views by just clicking the icons on the top right and the data will automatically update inline to display based on your selected view. One of the viewing options available is the Gantt Chart, which allows you to see all your tasks in a timeline. It’s also a fully functional Gantt Chart, so you can easily move tasks around using drag and drop and also edit the task details by clicking on it. This is a useful tool for making quick updates to your project schedules. To shorten or extend the duration of the task, simply hover over the due date for the task and click to drag once you get the arrow. Here is a screenshot of the Gantt chart to give you an idea of what you will see when click the Gantt view:


The Gantt Chart includes both tasks and subtasks and if you click on one of them, the info panel will appear and allow you to make any changes. This chart gives you both the flexibility to make quick updates and the ability to see workloads and schedules for your resource planning needs. In addition, there are filters that allow you to change the output (such as filtering on specific dates or specific people) and the ability to view your Gantt chart for tasks / subtasks across all projects or just one. The Projecturf Gantt chart is very simple to use and doesn’t require extensive project management knowledge or training. If you haven’t used the Gantt Chart yet, give it a try and you’ll quickly see the benefits. To learn more about the specifics, visit the support center here.

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