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Task Management Just Got a Lot Simpler!

Each person on your team is given several different options on how they would like to view their tasks. You can quickly switch between the different views by using the icons on the top right of the tasks section to toggle views, as shown here (the reports view is selected):


To make tracking tasks across your projects a lot simpler, there’s now a new view to see a list of all tasks with the essential details. This new reports view will allow you to immediately see everyone assigned to each task, the status of the task, and the percent complete. To do this click on the reports view as shown above and then filter the report to the Task Status Report from the drop down menu on the top left. This is the type of report you want to see to get a quick update on the progress of a project or all your projects. Here’s an example of what you will see:


The report is intentionally kept nice and clean with just the critical information you need to understand what’s getting accomplished and to act on the results. For example, if you see that a task is behind schedule, you can add a comment to the task to ask the responsible party if there is a change in the schedule, priority shift, or if you need to reallocate the work. All of this communication and any changes can be done right from within your project management app and you can make the updates on the fly using the different tools available, and all within the same section of the app.

The All Projects reports view is a summary with quick links to see the task details at the project level. This All Projects reports view is an easy way to see at the percent complete of each of your projects, how many tasks are overdue, how many have been completed, and how many are outstanding across all projects. The reports can be filtered based on specific dates or people for when you need to drill down even further. We strive to make Projecturf more valuable everyday to help your business meet or exceed it’s objectives.

To learn more about the Task Status Report, visit the support center here.

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