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Track Progress with Your New Task Budgeting Tools

We’ve just released a new report to track progress on individual tasks. By simply switching views in your tasks section, you can quickly see a list of all tasks and subtasks that have budgets assigned to them. Along with the estimated budget, both the hours and total cost that have been recorded against each task is included. This will tell you how far along everyone is on their tasks and if you are still on target. In the example below you can see the tasks, total spend, and percent of budget:


In addition to the task level details, you also have a project level summary with the total hours, total cost, and percent complete for the entire project. This will keep you up to date at all times and informed on how many projects are over or under budget. This is is quick way to gauge the progress on your project.

The reports also include important stats, filtering capabilities, and more. To learn more about task level budgeting and tracking in your project management tool, visit the help center here.

This new Task Budgeting report was added based on feedback from all of you. Every customer suggestion is taken into consideration for a future update. You can add your ideas and requests here to share with the rest of the Projecturf community and to see if others would like the same features or enhancements – Suggestion Forum.

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