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Combine Project & Personal Tasks

When you log in to your Projecturf account, you’ll notice a section called My Tasks on the top left of the navigation. Clicking My Tasks will immediately display a list of all project related tasks you are responsible for and your personal tasks, which no one else can see. Every user has the ability to add their own personal tasks which are not shared with anyone else on the account. Projecturf is easy to use from both your computers and mobile devices, giving you added convenience by allowing you to keep track of everything on your plate in one place and on the go. Any tasks that are added from the My Tasks section are personal tasks and not shared with anyone else on your projects. Simply type the task and hit enter from the My Tasks section as shown here (note that adding tmrw to the end of a task automatically sets the task due date for tomorrow):


When using Projecturf on your mobile device or tablet, simply hit the plus button to add your new task. One of the features I find very helpful is the ability to switch views in the My Tasks section. By clicking on the different view icons on the top right of the page, you can view your tasks in a calendar, list, group, or gantt chart. My personal preference is the group view because it allows me to see what I have going on across each project and groups my personal tasks separately. The other views do show the project name for each task, but this is a quick and easy way to see them by project. You can also use the sort and filter options at the top to see specific tasks, such as upcoming tasks for next week. To learn more about the My Tasks section, visit the help center here.

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