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Simple Collaboration Techniques

Projecturf is designed to help you become more efficient and productive by removing roadblocks and simplifying your projects and communication. One of the key ingredients to this is having simple and effective collaboration tools. As you navigate through the different sections of your projects, you’ll notice that you can add comments or notes to just about everything you do in your project management app. This let’s you store all your communication with the specific item you are collaborating on, such as a Task.

Adding comments is easy and they are always kept and organized with the item you are collaborating on for when you need to reference it later. If you want to have a discussion around a specific task, just click on the task and add your comment to the task in the info panel and hit enter. Everyone on the task will be notified instantly with an in-app notification and email notification (if you choose). You can also reply via email to any communication from Projecturf and it will be added into the comment thread. Adding comments is simple as shown here:


Once your comments have been added, they will show up as a new notification to the other people assigned to the task and you will see a new comment icon next to the task description in the task list. Everyone else assigned to the task (including the person that added it), will see a notification pop up next to My Dashboard. When clicking on My Dashboard, here’s an example of the in-app notification:


This ensures all communication is not only instant, but it’s never lost or forgotten. Collaborating on tasks, tickets, and files using the comment feature will keep your staff engaged and productive. Using email alone to track everything can lead to miscommunication or even missed communication. Additionally, all communication in Projecturf is permission based so you always know who is on the receiving end. To learn more about the in-app notifications users receive when new activity occurs on your account, click here.

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