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Quick Tip: Centralize Project Conversations

Since there’s lots of frequent communication around projects, Projecturf Conversations are setup to work just like email and keep all project related topics organized. If you are like us and constantly working on lots of different projects at the same time, you will find the Conversations very helpful in managing your project communication. Users can also reply via email for all communication to stay with the project so nothing gets lost.

To view all the conversations in one place, go to the All Projects – Conversations section and you’ll see a list of the latest discussions across all your projects. You can start conversations for any project from here as well as reply to someone from any of your projects. To reply, simply click on the conversation, type your reply, add any attachments, and click Post. If you need to edit the text, simply use the inline editor on the top right of the reply box. All users on the conversation will be notified immediately via email and with the in-app notifications. When you need to quickly find a conversation, you can either use the search feature at the top of the page or filter the conversations by dates or people as shown here:


To learn more about using Conversations within Projecturf, watch the quick video tutorial located here.