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Track Tickets with Statuses

The Tickets section is available on every one of your projects in Projecturf. Assigning tickets is easy, which is done by using the shortcuts or simply selecting names of people on your project from the drop down list.

Tickets can be used for items such as customer support issues and bug tracking. Once someone submits a ticket, you can change the status from the available list as shown below or by creating a new custom status. As tickets move through the resolution cycle, you can also reassign them or add additional people to the ticket. When viewing all tickets, click on the status filter on the top left and you will be able to select the specific statuses you want to see.


Similar to tasks, adding comments and notes to a ticket is a simple way to collaborate. When collaborating on tickets, users on the ticket are notified immediately with the in-app notifications. All history is tracked as well so you know the full background on a ticket when viewing it. To learn more about how the Tickets section applies to your projects, click here.

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