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In-App Notifications Improve Collaboration

When you are logged into your Projecturf account, you see everything happening on your projects instantly with the in-app notifications . For example, if someone adds a comment to one of your tasks, creates a new meeting on your calendar, or adds someone to your project; you get informed of each of these instantly with a notification badge next to My Dashboard. Simply click on the number of new notifications and you’ll see all recent activity as seen here:


All new items and changes are kept in your recent activity list for 24 hours. To view this list of recent activity, click on the My Dashboard section and you will see them on the right hand side. Therefore, if you missed anything you’ll be able to revisit it quickly from your recent notification list. Since the in-app notifications are based on permissions, you’ll only see the projects and items that you are assigned to and on projects you are managing.

When using your Projecturf account, you’ll notice that seeing the notifications appear instantly will help streamline communication and make managing the projects much more fluid. As an example, you’ll know instantly if someone adds a comment to one of your files and you can click on the notification to respond right there. Using the in-app notifications keeps you informed, improves collaboration and response times, and helps you make key decisions on your projects in real-time.

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