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New Feature: Move Your Files Between Folders

The Files section in each one of your projects allows you to add folders along with as many layers of subfolders as you need for organizing your project files. You most likely have staff and clients adding multiple files everyday across different projects. In many instances, multiple files are uploaded at once and sometimes in the wrong folder or just to the root directory. Or you simply want to add a folder after the files are uploaded and therefore wish to move the files into the new folder. Like you, this made us feel unorganized and we didn’t want to keep removing files and then re-uploading them to the correct folder. Therefore, we’ve made it easy to move your files into existing folders and subfolders on your projects.

To move your files, simply click on the file row and then click on the folder name in the info panel. Then select from the list of folders in your project as shown here:


It’s as simple as that. Anytime you need to change the location of your file, just follow these steps.