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Speed Up Your Work with Tags

Once you start working on a project with your team, one of the first things you’ll realize is how quickly you can enter data into your app. For example, to add a task you simply type in the new task and hit enter. This allows you to add lots of data in a short amount of time. You can then go back and add the details later (i.e. setting due dates and assigning it to people). However, once you start getting used to typing in data quickly and hitting enter, you’ll realize how nice it is to have tags available. By entering a tag, you skip an entire step for each entry. In the example below, you’ll see that I’ve added two users to this task without needing to click on the contacts icon and select them or add them later in the info panel:


This is just one example of how tags come in handy. Personally I’m a big fan of using tags to save time, but I’ve also asked around here if others find them valuable and they agree it saves them lots of time throughout the day. To learn more about the tags available throughout Projecturf, click here.

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