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New Feature: Assign Project Groups with One Click

New Feature: Assign Project Groups with One Click

Adding people to projects just got a whole lot simpler. Instead of individually checking off names in the drop down, you can now use your groups from the My Contacts section to quickly add people to a project.

To start using contact groups, go to your My Contacts section and simply add the names and hit enter. Then click on the group name in the list to add people to it from the info panel (as shown below). Once you’ve added people to the contacts group, you’re all set to start using them.


These groups will come in handy as you start creating projects and adding users to your projects. When you click on the plus button to add users to a project, you will first see a list of all your contact groups as shown here:


Check off the group names and click done. Now everyone in that group has been added to the project. Be sure to add the groups to the right permission category for your project: either as project managers, staff, or clients. This new functionality allows you to use contact groups to quickly setup all your projects.

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