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Auto Save Your Conversations, Comments, & More

In order to make your life a bit easier, we just released auto save throughout Projecturf. When you are in one of the project sections and you start typing, your browser will save what you’ve typed if you leave and come back to it. This enhancement was applied to all comments and conversations in your project management app, as well as when adding a new item such as a task, ticket, or time entry. For example, if you start a conversation and then click on another section in the application, the conversation you started will be there when you go back to the conversation for that project. Here is an example of a conversation that was started and not completed yet:


After typing this in and then leaving the section, all of this text was still there when coming back to it later after navigating to another section. This saves you from duplicate work and actually helps remind you exactly what you were going to say or do. This functionality was added to help facilitate getting things done, to simplify getting stuff into Projecturf, and so you don’t lose any work or have to start over. As always, we hope you enjoy the new updates. And there’s more changes to the app on the way! Feel free to add your feedback or thoughts on this new enhancement in the comments below.

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