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Drag and Drop Your Tasks!

We’ve been listening to your requests and the number one suggestion has officially arrived! You now have the ability to drag and drop your tasks in any order you like and in any of your projects. This makes it very easy to prioritize and organize your task lists. Each user on your account can now sort tasks in order they desire. Here is a quick list of some additional enhancements that were requested and included in this update. All of these can now be done using drag and drop:

  • Turn a subtask into a parent task
  • Turn a parent task into a subtask
  • Move a subtask from one parent task to another parent task
  • Rearrange your subtask order within a parent task

These can all be done with one click now! When you move a task, the row simply gets highlighted so you can easily see that it’s being moved:


For a detailed overview on how dragging and dropping tasks in your project management app works, visit the knowledge center here. Getting things done and staying organized just got a lot simpler when using Projecturf.

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