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When you are working on an important task or you want to share the task with someone, you can use the single task view.  This view is available as an option in the sidebar on every task and subtask. To access the single task view, click on the task row and then on the “eye” icon in the sidebar as shown below next to where it says “Task (5 Subtasks):”


When you click on the icon, it will take you to a unique URL that shows only this task and the subtasks associated with it. This removes all other tasks from your list and let’s you stay focused only on this task and it’s subtasks. Essentially, this view removes all other clutter from the application as shown here:


It also gives you a unique URL so if you want to reference a specific task in a conversation or a note, you can simply add the link into your discussion. This helps speed up the communication with your team and gives them immediate access to information. There’s lots of different options in Projecturf on ways to view and share data, and this is one you will likely find useful on a regular occurrence.

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