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Major UI Updates, Google Drive Integration, and More

Major UI Updates, Google Drive Integration, and More

UI Updates

Over the last few months we’ve been working on some major design updates to Projecturf and they were just released to everyone. This includes adding all new black and white icons and updating them to vector for major speed improvements throughout the app. These vector icons support higher resolution screens like retina. They look crystal clear on retina displays and have a more modern flat design, giving Projecturf a cleaner and more polished look across all devices. You’ll quickly notice the faster page loading times in all sections of your project management application. The buttons and plus signs throughout Projecturf have been updated as well. Here’s a screenshot of the left hand navigation showing some of the new vector icons:

vector icons

In addition to these changes, the toggle icons next to the input fields in each of the sections were removed and replaced with vector icons and a description. You’ll see this change in the Time, My Contacts, and Files section of your projects. Instead of toggling with one icon, now just click on the icon you need and the input field will update based on your selection. For example, in the Time section, click on the billable icon and the input field will be updated for a new billable entry as shown here:

Billable Time

New Editor

There’s a brand new editor that was added to the Conversations and Notes sections of your projects. You won’t see the editor when you open up a conversation or a note. Instead, highlight any of the text and editor will appear and then simply select the appropriate action:

New editor

This new editor functions much easier than the old one and we’ve made several other updates to the formatting of conversations and emails to fix some formatting issues that existed.

Google Drive Integration

This release also includes integration with Google Drive. To use your Google Drive account with Projecturf, first go to personal options in your account and check the box at the bottom for Google Drive. Once this is done, you will be able to share files from Google Drive throughout Projecturf. If you are adding an attachment to a task / ticket or uploading a document in the Files section, just select Google Drive and you will be prompted to sign in:

Google Drive Integration

From there, you’ll simply select the file you wish to share, set the permissions, and add it to Projecturf. Files will be stored on Google Drive and all changes to the files will be saved to your Google Drive account.

There were several other miscellaneous updates and fixes with this latest release. To learn more about Projecturf and these latest enhancements, sign up for a free trial here.

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