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Introducing Reporting and a new navigation panel

Introducing Reporting and a new navigation panel

If you’re a long-time user of Projecturf, you probably already know that reporting exists in the app. However, it was a bit hidden in each section as a view. We realize the importance of getting regular reports on what’s going on, so we have moved the reporting functionality out of each section and into it’s own area. Reports are now accessed from the navigation panel.

We will also be making an announcement about a new master project report very soon. The new report will be very helpful for admins and project managers who want a high-level view of all projects and where they stand.

In addition to Reports, we have also made a significant update to our navigation panel. The new navigation panel is darker, thinner, and reorganized to increase usability. The All Projects section has been removed from the projects section and moved up into the main links area. Searching for projects is also easier and more prominent.

The navigation panel can now be collapsed and the application will retain your setting so you can get more screen real estate as you work. This is an important update as we move towards making the app responsive, which starts with the navigation panel.

Projecturf Navigation Panel

There are several other updates in the application that you will notice — some of them are subtle, such as displaying our alert icon with a slash through it when you do not want to send notifications and the sidebar tabs have been updated for a more streamlined, and easier-to-use version.

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